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Karakul is what Bukhara is famous for
Bukhara is the birthplace of karakul fur. Here, in Uzbekistan, for the first time, they began to breed the Karakul sheep, conduct breeding works on breeding karakul sheeps with various characteristics of skins and a unique appearance. Entire textbooks, scientific papers, and even literary works have been written on the history of the Uzbek karakul. The khanates of Central Asia for many centuries were monopolists in the world market for the supply of karakul. Breeding sheep were sold in gold!
Choose tours to Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan is a magnificent pearl of the East, shrouded in ancient legends and tales, filled with the rainbow radiance of oriental beauties. Everything is fine here: architectural monuments and modern art, natural landscapes and food, local traditions and architecture. People come here from all over the world for new discoveries and impressions. And everyone here finds something of their own, amazing, exciting, delightful.
Hostel Suzani - a place for everyone
Hostel Suzani with its famous oriental hospitality will meet everyone! Students and office managers feel comfortable here, people who come to rest and work, or for new adventures and purchases. With us everyone feels well!Convenient geolocation allows you to easily find a hostel ...
Hostels are gaining more and more popularity.
Modern youth loves to travel, get new impressions, learn interesting things not from books and network, gaining life experience.Hostel mini-hotelExpensive respectable hotels are becoming less and less popular. Hostels have become a worthy alternative to them. Such mini-hotels hav...
How to choose a hostel in Bukhara or rent a room?
The very first question that arises for anyone who is thinking of going on a trip is where to spend the night in a foreign city and not be mistaken with the choice. Hotel prices are often very high. However, hotels can be replaced by hostels, which are preferred by lovers of ...
New acquaintanceships at the hostel
Bukhara is a beautiful city with a long history and a rich cultural heritage, which attracts thousands of travelers. Unique monuments of architecture, a favorable climate and unique nature attract tourists from all over the world. According to statistics, Bukhara is one of the te...

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