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Karakul is what Bukhara is famous for

Karakul is what Bukhara is famous for

Central Asia is called the cradle of modern civilization. Many crafts, needlework, art, creativity and science became famous to the whole world through Central Asia.

 When a tourist arrives in a new city or country, he looks for something special, unique, exclusive, which this city/country is famous for, what he can see and what he can buy, something extraordinary. A modern hostel offers tourists very comfortable accomodation.

Bukhara is the birthplace of karakul fur. Here, in Uzbekistan, for the first time, they began to breed the Karakul sheep, conduct breeding works on breeding karakul sheeps with various characteristics of skins and a unique appearance. Entire textbooks, scientific papers, and even literary works have been written on the history of the Uzbek karakul. The khanates of Central Asia for many centuries were monopolists in the world market for the supply of karakul. Breeding sheep were sold in gold!

The country's climate contributes to obtaining the best fur raw materials, which are highly valued on the international market and are worthy of competition to swakara (South African karakul).
 Karakul products in Bukhara

Of course, tourists buy in Bukhara not skins of lambs, but a variety of products made of them. For a long time the best craftsmen of Bukhara  have been making astrakhan fur which is truly priceless, and unique things, the value of which only grows with time.

Traditions are being replaced by new trends, and modern masters take into account the dictates of fashion. However, in each instance, the centuries-old history of the karakul breathes. Indeed, these are mainly exclusive handmade items, which can only be bought in Bukhara.

Such souvenirs are worth buying! In addition, all products are practical and useful, and will remind you of a wonderful trip to the fabulous Bukhara!

Fur Factory "Karakul Lider" - a leader in its field

If you will be in Bukhara, we recommend visiting the "Karakul Lider" factory. Here you can purchase valuable dresses and accessories for your wardrobe. These are coats, jackets, vests and hats from the real Bukhara karakul.

The karakul factory "Karakul Lider" has been producing fur products for more than 20 years, the winner of many exhibitions and festivals both in Uzbekistan and abroad. Product orders come from all over the world. You can familiarize yourself with the factory on their website.

And it is better for you to call and come to the factory, look at everything on your own and purchase a product made of karakul for yourself.

Fur Factory "Karakul Lider"
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