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About Hostel

Modern Uzbekistan and Bukhara are experiencing a real tourist boom. Tourists from all over the world go to visit the unique sights, touch the historical and spiritual shrines, and just have a good rest. It often happens that you find a cozy place to comfortably settle down. All hotels and hotels are crowded.

So we decided to open a hostel in Bukhara, but not the usual one, a special one, created in an exclusive oriental style, emphasizing hospitality.

Welcome to the hostel in Bukhara "Suzani"!

Why is the name Suzani chosen?

Suzani (suzane) is ornamental embroidery on fabric, as well as a needle-stitched carpet that always decorated the dwellings, was a powerful amulet and brought notes of comfort and beauty to the room. That is the meaning of the word.

Sacral knowledge and age-old traditions of the masters are laid in the ornaments. Nothing conveys the richness of culture and mentality, its deep meaning, as artistic crafts, including the art of suzane.

That's why they decided to call it a hostel and design interiors in the style of suzane so that every guest would feel the spirit of the East.

Hostel for foreigners in Bukhara

It is beautiful and comfortable here. The hostel welcomes guests, both local and from other States.

We have 2 rooms for now, but we plan to expand in the near future. Each room has 4 two-tier beds. Each bed has sockets.

Modern reception, kitchen, two toilets and shower.

The capacity of the hostel today for 16 guests.

Heated floor, in the winter it will be warm, and in the summer air conditioners will create coolness.

Hostel in Bukhara for a day

We offer our customers affordable prices, good service and hospitality. You can book a bed for a day, or for a few days. If you are traveling with a group, or want to relax in a big company, then you can book the whole room.

PS: Come to the eastern fairytale city of Bukhara! There is a lot of sunshine and delicious oriental dishes, juicy fruits and vivid impressions. You will be delighted with this wonderful city. People come here to learn many new things and have fun, visit the famous oriental bazaars, mosques and minarets, antiquities and modern architectural masterpieces.